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20 Jul 2005 : Tigers!

There is a new page on the site about Tigers. They need your help, so go and have a look!

21 Feb 2005 : Sverre.com official opening

This time we are going live. Welcome to sverre.com! Any feedback and/or remarks regarding the site is welcome. Please use our feedback page or send an email to

20 Feb 2005 : Can we go live?

Typographical errors have been removed. Hopefully none are left. We also now have an animation showing what the code should look like. This is obtained by clicking on the thumbnail of the application on the simulations online page. As for web development, the site is ready. One part is left: The administration pages where Sverre can add news items, links, items to the bibliography, and so on and where Ian can upload new versions of the code. This will make use of usernames and passwords of course.

13 Feb 2005 : More corrections

There are now instructions as to how to run the program. Once that is checked, I do believe we can go public and I'll write the management pages for you: add a news item, add a link, a reference, etc. There will also be a page to upload the newer versions of the triple code.

30 Jan 2005 : New images and content

The site is now equipped with beautiful example orbits. There is also a full text for the home page. What I believe remains to be done on the publicly accessible part of the site are mainly proof reading, a manual for triple.jnlp, completion of links (see if the contributors have websites and email addresses, check out if more java links are available, although this could be considered proof-reading) and checking with the Hubble Heritage site if the use of the images is OK.

16 Jan 2005 : Progress on the website

  • The introduction to the N-body problem has been implemented.
  • Scripts for the news and the links are finished and one was written for the bibliography. News links and references are read in from a simple text file and parsed automatically. This guarantees flexibility in managing the links and the bibliography.
  • A feedback form is now available and credits are given on an 'about' page.
  • More work needs doing on the simulations page and the links and bibliography pages need content. All over, images will soon appear to illustrate the website.
  • Permissions to use and disclaimer compliance are being checked.
  • The very first page needs composing as well...

23 Dec 2004 : Meeting of the sverre.com team

Lengthy discussions and a delicious bottle of late harvest Chilean wine to wish everyone a happy new year.

14 Nov 2004 : First design proposal

The structure and design of the website are to be discussed.