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The Book: 

Gravitational N-body Simulations Tools and Algorithms
Sverre J. Aarseth
Published October 2003
430 pages, 23 diagrams, 16 tables
Hardback ISBN 0521432723

This book discusses in detail all the relevant numerical methods for the classical N-body problem. It demonstrates how to develop clear and elegant algorithms for models of gravitational systems, and explains the fundamental mathematical tools needed to describe the dynamics of a large number of mutually attractive particles. Particular attention is given to the techniques needed to model astrophysical phenomena such as close encounters and the dynamics of black hole binaries. The author reviews relevant work in the field and covers applications to the problems of planetary formation and star cluster dynamics, both of Pleiades type and globular clusters. Self-contained and pedagogical, this book is suitable for graduate students and researchers in theoretical physics, astronomy and cosmology.

Table of Contents
- Preface
- 1. The N-body problem
- 2. Predictor-corrector methods
- 3. Neighbour treatments
- 4. Two-body regularization
- 5. Multiple regularization
- 6. Tree codes
- 7. Program organization
- 8. Initial setup
- 9. Decision-making
- 10. Neighbour schemes
- 11. Two-body algorithms
- 12. Chain procedures
- 13. Accuracy and performance
- 14. Practical aspects
- 15. Star clusters
- 16. Galaxies
- 17. Planetary systems
- 18. Small-N experiments
- Appendices
   - A Global regularization algorithms
   - B Chain algorithms
   - C High-order systems
   - D Practical algorithms
   - E KS procedures with GRAPE
   - F Alternative simulation method
   - G Table of symbols
   - H Hermite integration method
- References
- Index

Errata: Errata to the book can be downloaded here: errata.tgz This compressed archive contains errata files and a readme file with explanations.

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